Entry #10: “Arrival”


Ed had been waiting for a woman like the Headstone Lady to finally arrive. He wasn’t going to let me ruin this moment for him.

(December 30, 2012. New Jersey. Newark Airport. Terminal A. Gate 25. Flight UA 4130 arriving at 8:03 AM from Knoxville, Tennessee. You were waiting for the arrival of your angel. You weren’t going to let me ruin this moment for you.)

He wanted to introduce himself to her. But he was scared and held back by the nervous hands tied tightly around his neck—

(“Will she like me? WILL SHE? Will she be disappointed? WILL SHE? Will she be bothered by the fact that I’m shorter? WILL SHE? Will she still love me? WILL SHE?” Those questions were choking you.)

the same shaky hands that were forced to do no harm to the Headstone Lady. All I could do was wait and watch as

(There she was. She was walking towards you. She had descended from heaven. Her halo was hidden under a gray beanie and her wings under a black coat. There she was. The Knoxville Angel. Annie.)

she moved to the rhythm of the unnerving clicking her body made with each drunken step she took towards me, underlined by the crunching sound of her crooked bare feet walking over the unkempt grass and leaves. Ed wanted to make the first move, but nervousness choked him tightly as the Headstone Lady stood face no face to face with me.

(Her beautiful blue eyes)

Her bulging, ant-swarmed eyes

(paralyzed you with the love beaming through her glasses.)

petrified me like the ivy-covered headstone she had mounted on her hunched shoulders.

(You lost yourself in them, and you couldn’t find a way out. You didn’t want to.)



trapped me

(embraced you.)

in her arms until

(Finally. The 891.7 miles between the both of you turned into a kiss that lasted what felt like just as many seconds.)

I couldn’t breathe. I was finally drowning. The world went black.

(She took your breath away. Nothing else in the world matterED.)


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