“Escape Room”

I keep bumping into black walls, falling on a black floor, and staring hopelessly at a black ceiling.

I need to get out of here.

To escape, I have to keep working with my shorthanded team as best as I can. But they’re getting tired of doing all the work for me. They’re starting to beat me down out of frustration, punching and kicking my head.

Every sound hurts. Every smell hurts. Every taste hurts. Every touch hurts.

Everything hurts.

I’m tired. I just want some quiet, some rest.

I need light. God, I desperately need light.


I can feel two small windows. They’re round, wet, and painted black. There has to be light on the other side, right? There has to be!

I dig my nails into both windows and painfully pull them out of their soft, twitchy frames.

Screaming agony erupts in my throat as I hold the corpses of my sight in the palms of my shaky hands.

Now my entire world will forever be an escape room for me and my four remaining senses…

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