“One Bullet”

Today I found a box of ammunition with four bullets inside. No food, though. Another day without food.

At least your revolver won’t be hungry anymore, dad.

Neither will you.


Three bullets left.

Look what I did to you…

You should’ve never let that son of a bitch come in. But you absolutely had to, of course, because you were always a good person. Stubborn, but good.

You always chose to show kindness to strangers, even if it came back to bite you in the end. Maybe that’s why mom left. Maybe that’s why I had to experience the divorce between the flesh and bones that held this house together.

Good thing mom wasn’t here to see kindness literally come back to bite you. Good thing she wasn’t here to see your own son put you down in the end.

Wait. There’s someone knocking on the door.

No. Not knocking. Scratching.


Damn it, dad. I just… I thought it was mom. It wasn’t. But I still let her in.

She was so beautiful. You would’ve liked her. She didn’t like you, though, or the stranger that bit you. She walked right past both of your permanent corpses.

She wanted me.

Can you believe it? A woman actually wanted me. If she didn’t have that rotten costume on, I would’ve wanted her, too.

But it wasn’t a costume. It was her skin.

One more permanent corpse.

Two bullets left.


A poor kid was outside, running in the middle of the street, trying to escape a group of those walking corpses. He couldn’t. The huge bag of supplies he was carrying tipped him over. But he didn’t give up. He kept crawling… even as the insides of his bag and body started to pour out. He kept crawling.

So I saved him.

I know. I know: “Don’t ever use a bullet out there unless you really have to.” But I couldn’t just let him suffer.

You’re not even listening… Are you? Of course not. You barely have a brain left. What’s left of it looks like red soup in a white bowl. Is it weird that I find that… appetizing?

God, I’m so hungry.

The same monsters I saved that kid from are now knocking on the door and windows. Dozens of them. They want me to join their rotten costume party.

Kindness hasn’t just come back to bite me. No. Kindness has come back to eat me whole.

Soon I’ll get to experience another divorce, one between my flesh and bones.

One bullet left…

4 thoughts on ““One Bullet”

  1. Zombies. I likes! Speaking to his dead father after shooting his father…is pretty dramatic. I love it. Now i really wish i knew the story behind it!!!

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